Coach Julie and I were talking a bit about our history with the squat. Specifically, our journey from lifting with bad technique to trying to correct it and squat correctly. We both were allowed to squat with “less than optimal” technique for so long that our bodies just adapted however it wanted to get the weight up. 

For both of us, that led to a lot of problems down the road. 

For me, having a coach that let my do as I wanted, technique wise, for years I thought my knees were going to explode. Then I swung the other way and grooved myself into the “squat morning.” 

While I haven’t been injured by my poor technique, allowing my body to move that way meant that all the strength I gained in the squat, even the front squat, never fully translated to heavier weights in the Olympic lifts. Not in the way they should have. 

So you can imagine that we’re going to try to make sure our members don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made. There really isn’t much to learn from the experience of screwing it up and having to relearn when it comes to movement. 

Many of our members started lifting well into adulthood, when it had been a long time since they had been a beginner at anything. 

Being a beginner is frustrating. 

It’s slow, it’s vulnerable, and it doesn’t get us JACKED as fast as we’d like. 

But we’re also not racing towards the Olympics or International teams. We have LOTS of time to make sure we get this right.