At SPS, we have people training hard for Olympic lifting and powerlifting. We have people in our Strength and Conditioning program that would like to pursue lots of different goals. 

I’ve had people very tentatively ask some form of “Can I realistically train for ____ and ____?” 

First, what does someone mean by realistically? 

If you have a regular 9 to 5 job (lol, who gets off work at 5?) it’s pretty likely you are not a professional athlete. In which case, diving headlong into exclusively training for one thing when you have interests and curiosity about other activities is not a recipe for fulfillment. 

Realistically training for multiple things all depends on what you say realistically means! 

Using myself as an example, I’m trying to “train” for aerial circus AND Argentinian tango, while still keeping my Olympic lifting and strength skills up. Plus, I’d like to LOOK like I run a gym. In a week, I have to carefully divide my focus between a lot of different goals, and that means I’m not makes fast progress on any of them. 

But that’s okay. I’ve made my “realistically” encompass long term goals and a focus on the journey. 

For many of us, the game is to have fun and enjoy the process. There is no end, so what’s the rush?

If you want to pursue a few different goals, the coaches at SPS will be more than happy to help guide you. 

Physical activity should be a long term plan, we want to be doing cool stuff long after retirement. Set the stage now to enjoy strength, vitality, and physical curiosity for many years to come.