I really wish I remember where I heard this exercise, but I can’t even recall if it was from a fitness, business, or personal growth book or article. 


Think about eight months from now. It’s April right now, as I’m writing this, so eight months down the road would be December. That’s two whole seasons passed, several gym events, and lots of birthdays. December seems so far off....

But then think back 8 months. From now in April, that would be August 2017, and it really doesn’t seem all that long ago. 

How often have you uttered some version of the phrase “Man, that seems like just yesterday…”

Applying that to your goals, whether they be strength, skill, or physique based, when you think about how long it realistically takes to reach those goals, instead think about how short that process will seem in hindsight. 

In Gretchen Ruben’s book “The Happiness Project,” she repeats this mantra often: “The days are long, but the years are short.” She uses this as a reminder to pay attention to the process and enjoy the journey, because it all goes by so fast. 

Another way to look at this: each day you spend working on your goal feels like eternity. But in the grand scheme of EVERYTHING, it’s going to go by much faster than you think. 

Progress when you’re in the journey can seem so slow. But when you look back on it, you’re not going to remember the daily ups and downs. It seems like just yesterday that you got started.

So take a deep breath, know that frustrations will come and go, and keep working towards those goals.