The SPS Olympic lifting team is growing and I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful job our recent competitors did at the American Open Series 3 competition in Las Vegas this month.

For many of our competitors, it was their third or fourth meet, and to step out on a big platform like that and make some awesome lifts is a real testament to their hard work and fortitude. At the end of this I will list each competitor’s final lifts, but first I wanted to quote some of them on their experiences:

Jason Bolton


“I had a goal set last year to qualify and compete at the American Open Series 3. The coaches worked on improving my technique and it paid off on the platform. I went 5 for 6 overall, matched my PR in the snatch and set a new clean & jerk PR.”

Lyn Coronado

“Cutting weight wasn’t a good idea for this, its adding to the stress.”

“I need to change my mental game… I should focus more on making the lifts instead of trying to lift heavy or hit PRs.” Adding, “learn more breathing techniques when I’m extremely nervous.”


Angela Han

“After AO3, I have grown into a better athlete and competitor. I learned what the priorities are, and to trust the process. I love my team, and I love this sport.”

Drew Yoon

“Glad to have done the hard thing in from of a crows. I feel stronger in all ways for having done it. Was energizing to be surrounded by your tribe, lots of ‘knowing’ nods from strangers. Can’t wait for next year!”

Each year the SPS team grows and we’re making an impact on the PWA scene. In a couple of months, we’ll be hosting the annual Rite of Passage, where even more members will get to taste the thrill of competition.

So high fives to everyone who competed and to everyone who trained alongside them day in and day out. We all make it fun to keep coming back and putting in the work.


Final Results: S / C&J / total

Jason Bolton 83/108/191

Angela Han 56/67/123

Ray Hensley 86/123/209

Drew Yoon 80/101/181

Mike Leon 100/130/230

Jay Itagaki 103/132/235

Lisa Warren 87/111/198

Lyn Coronado 63/89/152

Kristin Newman 80/100/180