The third Monday of the year is known as Blue Monday. It’s the day where most people have realized that they’ve already “failed,” or not even started, their resolutions. It’s when the post holiday season lethargy really sets in, realizing the next big holiday isn’t for quite some time.

How is your year going?

I try to encourage people to see this Blue Monday as a new starting point. You’ve generally had 2+ weeks to try something new, if you’re the resolution type, and figured that something just isn’t working. Or maybe you merely stated a goal but didn’t put any processes in place to reach that. Goal.

Also, noticed I asked about your PLANS, not your RESOLUTIONS or GOALS. Without a plan involving the specifics of timing, action, and process, goals are just day dreams.

Let’s call this week of Blue Monday “Process Week.” You’re back in your life, whatever that looks like, and NOW we can take a good look at where to hang new habits.

Do you want to work out more? Get to sleep earlier? Food prep on the weekend?

This starts with the Habits Audit we talked about earlier.

Then you have to have an honest talk with yourself:

Apply the scientific method to your habits and goals.

Apply the scientific method to your habits and goals.

  • So you think you should work out before work, but you’re actually a night owl and can’t seem to get to bed before midnight.

  • You want to cut out processed foods/ added sugar, but haven’t put foods in place that you can eat in their place, and now your cravings get out of control.

  • You want to get to bed earlier, but the only time you have to yourself is the precious time between the kids going to bed and you going to bed.

Start here for this week:

  1. Write down what your goal is, remember the SMART goals we discussed earlier.

  2. Write down the changes you tried to make, but didn’t work out.

  3. Speculate on WHY they didn’t work out. You cannot say “I didn’t try hard enough.” We don’t want something we have to white knuckle through.

  4. Create a new process taking those roadblocks into account.

You might have to reiterate this process several more times in the coming weeks. And that’s just fine! If you keep trying new, emphasis on NEW, plans of execution, you’re making progress. Don’t keep banging your head against a wall that just isn’t going to move.