A gym like Speed Power Strength is a commitment. Not just financially, but of time and an indicator that you’re ready to commit to getting stronger and in better health.

You see, the business model at most big box gyms is they charge some nominal rate, give you not direction or oversight, and kinda hope that you don’t come in too often.

But at SPS, we WANT you there. Our coaches thrive on watching you get stronger, move better, and reach goals that you might not have even thought you had. We love seeing you get your first pull up, taking the risk of stepping on the competition floor, or finding the confidence in yourself to set goals that you might have considered outlandish before.

So how do you make the most of that if you can only show up a once or twice a week?

First and foremost, we have several people that frequent SPS only once a week, or on the weekends. And they still make progress. We have class passes that allow you to not feel tied to a membership and come when your schedule allows. While these passes don’t come with personalized training plan, you’re still going to get coach oversight and be given a lifting routine for that day off the cuff.

When should you come? There are two answers to that depending on where you are in your fitness exploration.

If you’re pretty new to this barbell business…

You’re pretty new to this. You know what you need to do, but you’re nervous about going about this without any oversight. You want to make sure someone catches technical discrepancies quick because the moves still feel a little foreign.

If anything in that paragraph sounds like you, you’re going to be best served coming when the gym is a little slower. These would be your top three times to come in:

  • Mid-morning (8am to 10:15am) Monday through Friday

  • Mornings (6:30am to 8am) Monday and Friday

  • Thursday evenings (5:30pm to 8pm)

These slower times will ensure that the coach on duty will be able to see you frequently to answer questions and check form. The busier the gym, the more people the coach has to rotate through before getting back to you.

If barbell training is old hat and you want the energy of our facility…

You’ve been doing this thing for a while. You can’t make it often because of life, work, or commute obligations, but you could use the inspiration of training around other serious and fun people once a week.

You’re going to want to come when the gym is FULL and the energy is high. The top three best times for you to come are:

  • Saturday Open Gym (9am to 12pm)

  • Monday night (5pm to 8pm)

  • Wednesday night (5pm to 8pm)

I’d also like to throw in an honorable mention for Friday night. There seems to be an ebb and flow to how busy Friday nights get, but when the flow is on, it’s a real Happy Hour at SPS.