What is the key to improving performance while preventing injury? Efficient biomechanics. 

Inefficiencies in movement mechanics, such as improper joint alignments or coordination, result in impaired force production and transfer during athletic movement, limiting overall capacity for performance. Additionally, poor biomechanics an lead to imbalanced and excessive loading of muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints which over time can manifest as soft tissue injuries. Assess and improve your biomechanics with the help of SPS's resident performance and injury biomechanics consultants - Bay Area Biomechanics.

Biomechanics Consultation - $150

The starting point for a biomechanics-bases corrective exercise program, this initial meeting provides the athlete with an understanding of any inefficiencies in their biomechanics and how these inefficiencies may be impacting their health and performance. The consultation includes: 

  • Goals and needs analysis
  • Assessment of fundamental movement mechanics as well as any sport/injury specific movements identified in the goals and needs analysis
  • Core strength, stability, and muscular balance testing
  • Overview of the implications of any identified inefficiencies or imbalances as related to the athlete's goals/needs
  • Individual biomechanics improvement strategy

Biomechanics Strength Training & Corrective Exercise Package - $1000

Continue to build on your individual biomechanics improvement strategy with 10 sessions (1 hour each) under the expert supervision of a Bay Area Biomechanics performance and injury biomechanist and strength and conditioning specialist.

  • Home corrective exercise program based on identified muscular imbalances
  • Strength and conditioning program designed to retrain movement strategies and eliminate biomechanical inefficiencies
  • Goals and needs progress evaluation