Weightlifting Class Starting in September
Run by 2-Time Olympian and Hall of Fame Inductee
SPS Coach Oscar Chaplin III.

This class is perfect for anyone that has would consider themselves more intermediate. 

  • You've done a local meet or are getting ready for one
  • You're hoping to qualify soon for the American Open or Nationals
  • You have a history of taking weightlifting centric classes to get better

SPS in Oakland was built as a professional and purpose built Olympic weightlifting facility. Coach Oscar is unquestionable the most accomplished and decorated weightlifter in the area, and is here at SPS after coaching at the Olympic Training Center, in Colorado.

These classes will be capped at 8 people and will run for 5 Fridays or 5 Saturdays. You will get lift specific drills, homework, and video review of your lifts. One the last day will be a max effort lift to test what you've learned. 

Get the attention to detail that you can only find in small group settings, and the adrenaline boost that always comes when lifting in new training environments. It’s everything you would learn over a three day lifting camp, except the drills will be specific to your personal development. 


Sign up through the links below to reserve your spot. 

Dates: Sept 15 through Oct. 13 (5 classes)
Time: Fridays, 6pm to 8pm
Class Size: 8 people
Cost: $270

Dates: Sept 16 through Oct. 14 (5 classes)
Time: Saturdays, 12pm to 2pm
Class Size: 8 people
Cost: $270