Oakland weightlifting gym offers CrossFit training.

Crush the holiday buldge with crossfit

With the holidays upon us, there is an increase in eating unhealthy foods and a decrease in available time to workout. SPS CrossFit is here to help. CrossFit, for those unfamiliar with it, is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and Olympic weightlifting. As SPS Gym, our CrossFit programs are like no other. That’s because we tune them to each individual athlete to help them reach their goals--whether it’s crushing the holiday bulge or reaching the next level of performance in their sport.

CrossFit, Inc. describes its strength and conditioning program as "constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains." These domains include: cardio endurance, stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, and accuracy.

No ordinary workout

CrossFit is not your ordinary gym workout. It is much more intense, and typically appeals to people that find gym workouts boring, uninspired, or just not challenging enough. It also appeals to people that are focused on improving performance in the area of athletics, because there is a strong focus on measurable results.

Because of the intensity of the conditioning and exercises involved, it is important for anyone that is just beginning to exercise regularly to talk with a trainer before starting a CrossFit class or program. Before starting CrossFit, a person should be assessed in their performance in each of the 10 domains that the program stresses, and plan an appropriate program or class for the individual’s current fitness level and goals.

what's involved

Most CrossFit classes include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity "workout of the day" (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching. Some gyms also often have a strength-focused movement prior to the WOD. Performance on each WOD is often scored and/or ranked to encourage competition and to track individual progress.

CrossFit programs are fast-paced with condensed, nonstop movement. Workouts can range from 15 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the individual’s goals, fitness levels, and instructor.

WOD exercises can include running, rowing, jumping or climbing rope, hefting and moving large objects, including shuttling objects over long distances, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Free weights, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, ropes and other exercise tools are used.

all about performance

For some, the goal of CrossFit is to improve fitness and control weight--the same reason someone would choose any workout program. For others, the goal of CrossFit is to improve performance in a chosen sport.

The emphasis of the CrossFit training system is on speed and total weight being lifted. This emphasis is on measurable results that participants can track over time--seeing their increased strength, speed and endurance.

Some gyms have developed highly-refined CrossFit exercise and training programs that are geared toward the more experienced athlete. This is because these are the people that are focused on performance improvement more than weight loss or weight maintenance.  Many of the WODs involve movement and lifting that goes beyond traditional gym exercises in order to reach all muscles and joints. It is important to perform CrossFit programs with certified trainers that can ensure that you avoid injury.

why athletes like crossfit

Many athletes love CrossFit because it delivers the kind of challenge that they want or need to stay motivated and to drive for continual improvement. It's especially appealing to individuals that like to push the limits of fitness and strength such as military personnel, firefighters, police officers and EMS. These are people who depend on fitness and conditioning to do their jobs and to save lives.

Another benefit of CrossFit for many is the camaraderie that develops in a program. Some groups track members’ goals, encourage and cheer for each other, and celebrate when goals are reached. You can crush the holiday bulge and make some great friends at the same time!

It is important to make sure your CrossFit program is aligned with your fitness and performance goals. Different exercises from different domains produce different results. For more information about high performance CrossFit programs for your performance and your sport, contact SPS Gym.