Oakland weightlifting gym Eleiko certified.

why eleiko equipment is the best

The Eleiko story began in 1957 at a Swedish electronics company that produced metal appliances like waffle irons. One of the employees was a weightlifting aficionado, and was acquainted with the problems of bars breaking during competition. He asked permission from the company’s owners to create a weightlifting bar.

the unbreakable bar

“The Eleiko” weightlifting bar made its international debut at the Weightlifting World Championships in 1963, where it stunned the world as the first bar to last an entire competition fully intact.

Since that day the Eleiko brand has set a new standard that has revolutionized the world of weightlifting. Big words, we know, but with thousands of national and international championships and 1,000 world records the Eleiko brand has proven itself.

Not all weightlifting bars are created equal. Some coatings, for example, are subject to “hydrogen embrittlement” which can cause the to break. Flaws in the metal such as hairline cracks, or even from grooves machined into bars for functional or cosmetic reasons.

most tested in the world

Every Eleiko weightlifting bar goes through ultrasound tests, magnetic particle inspection, hydraulic jacks, and seven manual assessments. The company then gives each bar a unique identifier so every detail about its assembly can be tracked. Eleiko Competition Bars are IWF certified, calibrated down to the milligram and millimeter, and discarded if even the smallest blemish is detected. They come with a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing flaw.

Made with one of the world’s purest steels, Eleiko bars are naturally elastic and at the same time incredibly strong--designed to withstand 215,000 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) compared to standard bars that have a tensile rating of 130-140,000 PSI. Eleiko also uses a proprietary steel treatment to make the bars stronger and more flexible, and able maintain its shape throughout its lifetime.

the eleiko feeling

Users of Eleiko talk about the “Eleiko feeling,” which comes from 10 precision bearings and a grip adjusted for competitive weightlifting. The bearings improve the bar spin, crucial for elite lifters. The design and steel formation used to create the bar is able to store elastic energy. It feels like the bar is helping you lift more. The chrome plating is excellent. The finish, knurling and attention to detail work together to create one of the finest bars in the world.

Eleiko has continued to advance the sport of weightlifting. In the late 60's it was one of the first to introduce solid rubber discs to replace metal discs. In the 1980's Eleiko introduced a new version of rotating sleeves, which won immediate praise and improved weightlifters’ results by 2-3 kilos.

Today Eleiko offers a wide range of products for weightlifting: bars and barbells, platforms, racks, benches and accessories – all products made to Eleiko’s standards of durability and performance.

the recognized leader

Eleiko is now widely recognized as the world's premier weightlifting equipment maker. Eleiko gear is exclusively used at the Olympics and World Weightlifting Championships, and you will find Eleiko products filling the racks of collegiate and professional athletic training centers around the world. Users report bars lasting decades without any degradation of shape or spin.

SPS Gym in Oakland, California, is just the second Eleiko Certified Facility in the United States and the only one of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area. SPS features expert, personalized training using Eleiko equipment with former Olympic weightlifters to help athletes get to the next level of their sport.