Olympic strength training for oakland community


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If you don't have experience with barbell training, or perhaps it's been a few years and you'd like a brush up on all the terms and techniques, you'll want to start with our Personal On Ramp. You work 1-on-1 with one of our coaches, around your schedule, and get familiar with all the most common and complex movements you'll be using at SPS. 

Personal Training Introduction
Three One-Hour Sessions

For those with previous barbell experience, or once you've completed your On-Ramp and feel comfortable with barbell movements, you're ready to join our classes! Included in all memberships:

  • Access to Open Gym times.

  • Three showers with towel service

  • Free admittance to specialty classes and competitions

  • In house body work

two women weightlifting and powerlifting

The weightlifting and powerlifting membership, also referred to as the "Barbell Only" or "Barbell Club" membership, gives you access to our coached weightlifting program and to our open powerlifting times, Monday through Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm. For weightlifting, we have a 5-day a week program, and in powerlifting we provide a 3-day a week program. 

Six Months

Three Months

Twelve Months

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Speed Power Strength is taking a different approach to the traditional group fitness class setup. Rather than trying to fit both strength and conditioning work into a single 60 minute class, we have split the class into two 45 minute sessions, one focused on skill and conditioning work , and the other to focus on PERSONALIZED strength training. By splitting up the class, we can offer strength programs tailored to each person's level and goals. 

Six Month

Three Month

Twelve Month

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Can't decide what you want to do? Maybe it all sounds great! For just a little extra on top of our Strength and Conditioning membership, you can have access to all of the classes we offer, including having your own personalized strength program. 

Six Months

Three Months

Twelve More



If you have previous experience with barbell training, drop into one of our barbell classes or come at open gym and play with our top end Eleiko equipment. Meet our coaches and members and find out why we're the perfect place to start or continue your fitness journey. 

Drop In 10-Pack

Single Drop In