The LIFT Us Foundation

the lift us foundation

One of our main goals when SPS was created was to be able to provide opportunity to new athletes.  SPS is dedicated to building and supporting a foundation for youth and amateur athletes. 
The LIFT Us Foundation will:

  • Grow the sport of Olympic weightlifting.
  • Teach young athletes and coaches how to safely apply strength training to all sports.
  • Provide the educational foundation for lifetime strength and fitness.

Our hope is to inspire others through our ambitious mission: 

Help every Bay Area youth and amateur athlete fulfill their athletic potential through weightlifting. That support includes providing training to athletes, education to coaches, amateur athlete financial support, and equipment to local programs, schools and clubs with an ultimate goal of building an Olympic weightlifting program in every Bay Area high school.

Stay tuned as we release more information on how you can join and support the foundation.



the sps fitness family

We want you to love your fitness journey as much as we do. This is why SPS is set up around classes and team training, rather than a focus on personal training and self directed open gym. Your classmates and teammates will become your biggest supporters and help you find accountability and community. You’ll find like-minded individuals with similar goals.

The coaches at SPS are engaged and enthusiastic about helping you reach their goals and sharing what has worked and didn't work for them in their own athletic endeavors. They are sticklers for technique to make sure you're safe, and will also help you find the absolute joy in getting stronger and reaching your goals. Since our coaching team has such a broad spectrum of experiences themselves, you’re going to get encouragement in a million different ways, from simply answering your questions and concerns, to habit coaching and progression suggestions. So whether you want to get strong, build muscle, or just move through your life more easily, we’re here to help you.



trainer showing man how to stretch

Being a part of the Speed Power Strength community means you're supporting our dream of getting weightlifting taught in Oakland and other Bay Area high schools and developing a grassroots weightlifting program within our facility.