• 5 days a week in house powerlifting programming

  • Coaching oversight and competition prep

SPS powerlifting is available 5 days a week, plus access to open gym times. Whether you are following your own program, or the SPS program, you have full use of the facilities. Included in the Barbell Membership is access to SPS Weightlifting classes and programming as well. 

SPS houses the best Eleiko equipment, the same equipment you will find at USA Powerlifting nationals and IFP worlds. Benches, squat racks, power racks, metal discs in both pounds and kilograms, along with bars specifically designed to withstand the heavy weights you will be lifting. 

Along with the best equipment, SPS has also hosted some of the biggest lifters in the game, making sure our members and our coaches are always learning and passing that information on.