Frequently Asked Questions

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DO I have to Wear a Singlet?

Yes, it must be a form fitting, one piece “costume.” You can wear leggings or a unitard under the singlet, but the singlet is a must.

What kind of shoes do I have to wear?

As long as you have shoes covering your toes, you can wear whatever kind of athletic shoe you want. You don’t have to wear weightlifting specific shoes, but if you have access to them, we don’t know why you wouldn’t want the advantage.

HERE is a video of an athlete at IWF worlds snatching in Nike Metcons.

What if I don’t make weight?

For Rite of Passage, you will still lift in the session you have been assigned. To keep things running smoothly, we aren’t going to move people around last minute or ask you to come back later.

However, final results will be submitted to the USAW office for the weight class that you ultimately weighed in at.

HOw long do i have to weigh in?

You get one hour to weigh in as many times as you want. The weigh in time starts two hours before your session and ends one hour before your session. If you are close to your weight class, you can try multiple times to make weight.

How much time will I have between lifts?

This depends on a lot of factors

If you are lifting weights that are close to each other and no one else is lifting, you might follow yourself. In this case, you get a two minute clock between lifts.

If there are other people lifting weights between your attempts, each person will get a one minute clock, so you could have quite a while between lifts depending on what’s happening on the platform.

The weight on the bar only goes up, never back down, so your coach will be keeping an eye on the screens to see what’s happening.

HOw much time will I have to warm up?

Much like the time between lifts, it will depend on what weight you’re opening with and what weights other people plan to lift.

We will start each session with athlete introductions, after which there will be a 10 minute clock. Then the first one minute close will start for the first lifter of the session.

Your coach will time your warm up lifts based on how many lifts come before you on the platform.

What makes a lift Good or bad?

We made some videos on this!

Check out our Good Lifts video HERE.
Watch our “Snatch Don’ts” video HERE.
Watch our “Clean & Jerk Don’ts’” video HERE.
(TBA) Watch our “Bad Etiquette” video HERE.


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