Bay Area gym with drop-in or scheduled Olympic weightlifting and strength training

Strength & Conditioning (S&C)

The strength and conditioning classes are run in parallel (except at noon, when only Conditioning is held) for a "choose your own adventure" experience. If you're short on time, you can focus on either getting sweaty with a traditional CrossFit style MetCon, or you can work on your personalized strength program. For days you have more time, you can attend them back to back for 1.5 hours of fitness enjoyment.

Olympic Lifting & Powerlifting (Oly & PL)

The Olympic lifting class is coached on the platforms and follows the California Strength Club Program. The powerlifting is considered open lift time for powerlifters to bring their program to the gym and train on our Eleiko equipment.   

Open Gym

All membership levels include access to open gym. This is your free time to get extra work on skills or strength with a coach available to answer any questions or give suggestions to help with your progress. 


S&C means that Strength and Conditioning are running in parallel. Yellow Conditioning times means no Strength classes are being held.