• SPS has the largest CrossFit affiliate in Oakland in CrossFit Embarcadero
  • CrossFit conditioning and PERSONALIZED strength programming included in your membership
  • Group CrossFit classes are offered 5 days a week in our 9000 sqft Oakland facility

SPS has a unique approach to CrossFit. 

Most CrossFit gyms try to include both strength and conditioning work, programmed for a group, into a one hour class. While this works well for a time, often newer and advanced members get lost in the "one size fits all" programming. Instead, at SPS we have divided this class format into two separate classes: Strength where one will follow their own, personalized program, and Conditioning where a group is lead through a CrossFit conditioning workout. 

All CrossFit classes are small group, trainer led, and utilize the CrossFit methodology which typically includes a group warm-up, skill work, and an intense conditioning piece. These conditioning workouts can be modified to complement your personalized strength program, as well. 

If you're curious about our program, we recommend scheduling a free movement evaluation to help you learn more about our programs and help us learn more about your goals and suggest the program that's best for you.