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SPS sets ourselves apart from other group fitness gyms by providing customized, individual strength programming for our Strength & Conditioning members. This allows us to accommodate people from all walks of life with a variety of needs and goals. From some one who has never touched a barbell before, to an experienced competitor, we can tailor your program to tune you up and take you to the next level.


Group Conditioning

There are lots of great reasons to get your heart rate up and start breathing harder. At SPS we take an approach to conditioning that can mesh well with either your personalized strength program or our Barbell memberships. We keep the work outs short and sweet (15 minutes or less), and focus on circuit or interval work that includes dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometrics, and bodyweight movements. The short duration means you can tag them onto the end of your strength workouts, or even to start your workout, without needed to factor in enough time for another whole workout.

And you can be guaranteed we’ll never tell you to go run 3 miles and call it a day.

OLympic lifting

The popularity of Olympic lifting has surged in recent years. SPS has dedicated ourselves to being a facility that provides a professional environment where you can learn these lifts from the ground up.

Consisting of the snatch and the clean and jerk, the Olympic lifts are very technical and many people find joy in perfecting these moves over the years.

We are passionate about teaching beginners, helping anyone take their game to the next level, and we love to be the support system for lifters to take their first steps out on the competition platform. Our Olympic lifting programming is created in house with our members in mind and molded around competitions we take the team to throughout the year.



eleiko weights

As a contrast to your pwoerlifting garage gym, SPS strives to provide a collegiate or professional level atmosphere for our powerlifters to train. Our powerlifting area is equipped with three power racks and convertible bench/squat racks, so you can workout without interruption. Our powerlifting bars are built to handle the weights you lift and the chromed weight discs mean you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your bar. All equipment is the same Eleiko quality that you see at International Powerlifting Federation meets. The Barbell membership at SPS also provides team programming that is created in house, taking our members and local competitions into account.



Speed Power Strength was built from the ground up to be the most complete Olympic weightlifting training center for athletes.  SPS weightlifting is not simply a team renting space inside of a gym;  Speed Power Strength weightlifting IS the gym!  Our 9000 square foot space contains 12 lifting platforms, a permanent competition platform, a recovery center, and multiple showers. Everything was built to give athletes all the tools they need to succeed. It also serves as a center for visiting athletes to lift in a professional training hall. Whether you are a member of SPS, just visiting, or joining us for training camps, you will see that Speed Power Strength is weightlifting.

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From the beginning, we have been focused on what is best for our athletes and clients by excelling in five areas: facilities, equipment, recovery, education, results. Our partnership with Eleiko makes this immediately visible when you enter the doors of Speed Power Strength.
— Mike Jenkins, Owner


set your bar high

At SPS, we strive for an experience that will match the Eleiko standard. We take a different approach to the traditional model of group fitness training, where everyone follows the same program and each class couples strength and conditioning together. While effective for many, we feel this model doesn't allow for each person to make the progress they are capable of. 

This is why at SPS we offer strength programming separate from our conditioning classes and personalized to each member. From a coach's evaluation upon joining, you will be given a progression that fits you. Your personal program will also include stability and mobility work to complement your strength program and set you up for long term progress. 

Each class is designed to be 45 minutes long, so you can come for either a coached strength session, a conditioning class, or if you have the time, stay for both. This allows for a more customizable experience that better fits your life. 


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