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Youth Academy 101 Introduction Program Ages 8-11

This class is about learning body awareness, correct movement patterns, and introduction to technique-based strength and conditioning through games and directed play.

Youth Academy 102 Beginner Program Ages 11+

We help young athletes develop speed, power and strength. In addition to improving athletic performance, we also help to mitigate injury risk with exercises to increase coordination and range of motion.

Youth Olympic Weightlifting Intermediate Program

Athletes learn the foundations of resistance training and practice building-block movements to ensure proper form and technique. Our athletes begin Olympic weightlifting at their own pace in a team atmosphere under the careful supervision of nationally certified coaches with extensive experience.

Youth National Olympic Team Advanced Program

In our advanced program, our athletes compete in local and regional Olympic weightlifting events with the goal of qualifying for the annual USA Weightlifting Youth National Championships. We have had athletes qualify for nationals every year since 2017, and we have also trained three national champions.

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