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Founded in 2016, Speed Power Strength (SPS) was built to help simplify the process of adding the benefits of strength training to your life. We offer the best introductory experiences in Olympic Weightlifting, barbell basics, strength and conditioning classes, and personal training. Hosted inside our 10,000 sqft purpose-built strength training facility, the largest and best equipped Olympic Weightlifting facility n the country right here in Oakland, CA.


Introduce 100 new people to barbell strength work.





What do I need to get started?

Comfortable clothes, an open mind, and some flat-bottom shoes. We have all the equipment to get you started with correct and safe technique. We also have an assortment of weightlifting shoes to try on before you commit to buying some yourself.

What if I have never lifted weights before?

That’s great! We are a beginner friendly facility that specializes in getting people started safely and leaving with a smile. We can accommodate people of all ages, ranging from 9 to 75+ years old. Yes, we’ve had a woman in her 70’s train and compete in our gym!

Is weightlifting safe?

Yes, it is statistically the safest sport for every 1000 contact hours, compared to soccer, football, basketball, and gymnastics. And it gets your body in shape while preparing for a sport.

What if I have a previous injury I'm working around?

Our coaches can show you exercise alternatives that allow you to train around the injury and still get a great workout. You will never be asked to push beyond what feels safe to your body.

Do I need to lose weight of be in shape before I try weightlifting?

No, in fact we encourage people to begin by focusing on strength training for quality of life, rather than using it as a weight loss tool. We welcome all sizes, shapes, races, and ages at our gym.

What if I want to learn to lift weights but do not want to compete in the sport?

We do train people to compete in the sport of weightlifting, but it is not required. We have many options that will allow you to become skilled in correct technique and benefit from weight training.



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