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1. Signing in

  • Clients must sign in before class at the front desk. Make sure you are signing into the correct class, as usually there are several programs running at the same time.


2. Late Policy

  • If a client is more than 10 mins late, you will not be allowed to join the class already in progress. This protects you from getting injured due to insufficient preparation and protects the class and coach from disruption.


  • For late arrivals under the 10 min mark, attendance is at the sole discretion of the coach. The coach may ask the athlete to do a quick warm up before joining or sit out skill work, they missed the preparation for.



1. Equipment and Class Behavior


  • Check your ego at the door. Accidents and injuries happen and usually are a result of impatience. Slow down, ask questions, and ask for help.


  • Empty barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells are not designed to be dropped. Misuse of equipment can result in being removed from class.


  • Use as much chalk as needed but keep excess chalk in the chalk receptacles.

  • Clean up and put away all equipment when you are done. This includes wiping off any sweat, blood, or excess chalk.


  • Follow staff directions at all times.


2. Young Ones and Pets


  • All children need to be able to sit unattended at the front of the gym. If they require supervision, please have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise them.


  • Outside of a youth class, children are not allowed on the equipment, including boxes, benches, and platforms.


  • No pets allowed: Service animals specifically trained to aid a disabled person are allowed to enter.


  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove any pet that is being disruptive


3. Bathrooms and Showers


  • Please only flush toilet paper and what comes from your body down the toilet. No paper towels or sanitary products. Use the provided receptacles for those.


  • Please keep your shower time down to 5 minutes or less to keep the line moving.


4. Parking


  • Speed Power Strength has five designated parking spots in front of the facility, marked with “SPS.” Please don’t use any parking spots labeled for other businesses.


  • You can park along the street, along the wall opposite the facility, or in the parking lot next door (by the administration building).


  • Don’t leave your car here overnight. The area is not well lit and not safe against burglary.


5. Outside Trainers    


  • Currently SPS does not allow trainers or coaches other than those employed by SPS to conduct business in our facilities.

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