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  • Chloe Tempco


1 big thing: Why can’t you stay motivated?

Why it matters: Your lack of motivation is keeping you out of shape and frustrated.

How you fix it: Follow this step-by-step guide to get your mojo-vation back.

When striving to achieve our health goals, staying motivated can sometimes be daunting. Luckily, the brain is here to help out. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine get released when we engage in activities that are rewarding or pleasurable, providing us with a boost of motivation and helping us stay on track. With this renewed enthusiasm for our objectives, any obstacle or setback will no longer seem insurmountable.

Dopamine plays a critical role in transmitting signals throughout the body. As neurons become activated, dopamine is released and binds to receptors on other neurons - conveying a message from one neuron to another. This process influences many crucial functions such as movement, learning, and motivation.

Our bodies are wired with a reward system that is powered by dopamine. By participating in activities that give us pleasure, like eating and exercising, our brain releases this neurotransmitter which provides feelings of gratification and contentment. This reinforces the desire to engage in these routines again down the road!

With enough motivation, you can maintain an invigorating lifestyle that is essential for your physical and mental health. There are various ways to stay motivated throughout the journey; however, let's first identify what challenges may be impeding on your success.

Obstacles to health and fitness

Reaching your health and fitness goals is an incredibly rewarding journey, although it will not always be easy. During this process, you may face numerous roadblocks that need to be identified and addressed in order for you to stay on track with your goals. To help guide you along the way, here are some common obstacles that could arise while taking part of this journey:

  1. Time, or rather the lack thereof, can be a major impediment in our journey to better health. Finding time for exercise and meal prepping amidst a hectic schedule is no easy feat.

  2. Health obstacles: When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, health issues can be a major roadblock. It's important to consult with a medical professional if you have any pre-existing conditions or are in the process of healing from an injury so that you can create and follow an exercise program tailored specifically for you.

  3. Struggling without assistance: The absence of a cheering squad can be an insurmountable barrier on the path to wellness. Enlisting friends and family for encouragement and accountability is essential if you're serious about achieving fitness objectives.

  4. If you want to reach your fitness goals, it is important to combat unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and having poor sleeping patterns. All these vices can be detrimental when it comes to achieving health objectives.

Goal Setting

Establishing goals is an essential step in establishing healthier habits and reaching your fitness aspirations. Achieving a goal requires dedication and resolve, which can be strengthened by setting realistic objectives that are attainable with the right effort. If you're looking for ways to ensure success on this journey, here's some helpful advice:

  1. Set yourself up for success by being precise and specific when it comes to your goals. Instead of saying "I want to lose weight," set a more defined goal, like "I will lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months." This will keep you on track and inspired.

  2. Transform your dreams into achievable goals: Setting realistic and attainable objectives is a surefire way to remain motivated and focused. Aiming for achievable aspirations will ensure that you progress forward towards reaching them.

  3. Set measurable goals - Tracking your progress and staying motivated are key to achieving success. Make sure the objectives you set are quantifiable, like "do thirty minutes of exercise three times a week." This way, you'll be able to measure how far along you've come in attaining them!

  4. Establish a timeline: Establishing deadlines for your objectives can give you the impetus to stay on track and ensure success. Make sure that they are realistic goals so as to provide yourself ample time to accomplish each mission with ease.

  5. Constant review and revision of your goals is essential to guarantee that you're making progress towards achieving them. Additionally, this will help you make any necessary changes along the way.

Keep track of your progress

Staying motivated in your physical and mental progress is key to achieving success. Monitoring your development can provide you with insights into what areas need improvement, as well as keep you on track for reaching those goals. Here's some advice on how to take charge of tracking your advances:

  1. Make a journal your companion: By writing down what you eat, how much exercise you do, and other relevant details each day in your journal, you can check for patterns that need changing. A journal is an indispensable tool to help monitor progress over time as well as recognize positive achievements.

  2. Leverage the power of technology: There's no better way to keep track of your goals than with modern tracking apps. Whether you want to monitor what you eat, how active you are, or any other information that can help improve yourself - there is an app for it. Make use of this helpful and easy-to-use tool in order to achieve success quickly.

  3. Track your progress with precision: Establish a routine of taking regular measurements, such as bodyweight, waist circumference and percentage of fat. Document this data in an app or journal to monitor your improvement over time.

  4. Document your progress: Taking pictures of yourself will give you an amazing visual representation of how far you have come. To ensure that the photos are comparable, make sure to pose in the same angle and lighting each time.

Find a support system

Having a reliable support system is key to achieving your fitness goals and staying motivated. With consistent encouragement, accountability and motivation, you can reach any target you set for yourself! Building such an encouraging network doesn't have to be intimidating; here are some tips on how to construct a helping hand towards success:

  1. Join forces with a workout buddy: Exercising in tandem with someone else can be an excellent way to increase motivation and remain accountable as you strive to accomplish your health aims. Teamwork makes the dream work - pushing each other while providing support along the journey is a surefire way to success.

  2. For an extra boost of motivation, join SPS gym! Not only will you come into contact with similarly-minded people who share your objectives, but they'll also provide the support and cheerleading that can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your goals. Plus, who knows -- maybe some new friendships will develop in the process.

  3. Partner with a personal trainer: If you're looking to stay motivated and reach your goals, a personal trainer is the perfect solution. They can provide personalized assistance while offering motivation, support, and even accountability if needed.

  4. Strengthen friendships and family ties: Don't be scared to reach out for aid from those you love. As you strive for your fitness objectives, friends and family are great sources of motivation as well as responsibility.

  5. Make meaningful connections online: Stay connected with those on the same journey as you by joining health and fitness-focused forums. With other like-minded individuals, gain encouragement and motivation to stay focused on your goals.

Celebrate your successes

Achieving your health and fitness goals is a journey, so why not take some time along the way to enjoy your successes? Here are several reasons celebrating accomplishments is beneficial:

  1. To stay motivated, one of the most effective tactics is to recognize and celebrate your successes. It can be discouraging when you don't see immediate results, but rewarding yourself for accomplishing milestones helps keep you focused on achieving your goals.

  2. Bolstering your confidence requires taking the time to appreciate what you have achieved so far. This can be a great way to boost self-esteem and remain motivated as you strive for more successes! Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small they are, in order stay driven and on track towards reaching your aspirations.

  3. To stay focused, take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments and be mindful of how far you've come. This will help to ignite your motivation and keep you dedicatedly working towards achieving your objectives.

  4. Achieving equilibrium requires that you take the time to revel in your accomplishments. It is important for both physical and mental wellbeing that you indulge yourself with a break from activities, such as exercise. Celebrating successes allows us to stay grounded.

Find activities that you enjoy

If you're looking for a way to stay motivated while pursuing your health and fitness goals, why not find activities you actually enjoy? Here are some suggestions on how to discover new hobbies that bring both enjoyment and progress:

  1. Try something new: Don't be afraid to try something new. There are many different types of physical activities and you never know what you might enjoy until you try it.

  2. Expand your horizons by experimenting with various activities until you find the ones that give you pleasure. You may discover a newfound love for running, swimming, cycling, or yoga.

  3. Search for activities that pique your curiosity: Unearth hobbies and interests to keep yourself busy. If the great outdoors is your jam, why not partake in some hiking or rock climbing? Or if you're a sports enthusiast, what about playing a game of basketball or soccer? No matter how active you want to be outside – there's something out there just waiting for you.

  4. Locate activities that are convenient and accessible to ensure you remain motivated and on track with your workout routine. This simple action can make a world of difference in helping you reach your fitness goals.

  5. Don't be intimidated to seek assistance: If you are having difficulty in uncovering hobbies and activities of interest, don't hesitate to reach out for help. Your friends or healthcare provider may have some great ideas that can act as a springboard towards the recreational life you want!

Don't be too hard on yourself

Although striving to reach your health and fitness goals can be difficult, you should never forget that progress takes time. It's normal to experience dips and peaks on the road to success, so here are some tips for staying positive during slow progress or setbacks:

  1. Remember that progress takes time: It is important to be patient and to remember that progress takes time. Don't expect to see immediate results – it takes time to make lasting changes.

  2. Acknowledge even the slightest accomplishments - no matter how minor they might be. When you take notice of these small successes, it bolsters your drive and confidence as you progress towards success.

  3. Treat yourself with compassion: It is critical to treat yourself kindly and be aware that setbacks are completely normal. If you don't notice instant outcomes or stumble along the way, it's okay – these are all natural components of your journey.

  4. Seek support: If you are struggling to stay positive through slow progress and setbacks, it may be helpful to seek support. You can ask friends and family for encouragement, or you can speak with a healthcare professional for guidance and support.

  5. Keep things in perspective: It is important to keep things in perspective and to remember that your health and fitness journey is just that – a journey. Don't let setbacks define you – focus on the progress you have made and keep working towards your goals.

Take breaks when needed

Taking breaks is an essential part of achieving your health and fitness goals. Here are some compelling reasons why taking a break can help you meet those objectives:

  1. To stay motivated and prevent burnout, intermittent breaks are key. If you don't give yourself sufficient rest while pushing to your limits, it can lead to exhaustion and deplete any enthusiasm you have. Breaks help replenish energy levels so that you avoid being burnt out!

  2. Make sure to give your body the time it needs for recovery. Taking regular breaks from workouts can help mitigate injuries and enhance performance.

  3. For a life full of equilibrium: Breaks are vital for achieving balance in your daily life. Don't forget to make time for leisure activities as well as exercise and other hobbies - it's essential!

  4. Taking breaks is an absolute must to prevent overtraining; otherwise, you can expect a decrease in performance and potential injury.

Seek professional help

Working with a personal trainer and joining a class at SPS can be great ways to stay motivated and on track as you work towards your health and fitness goals. Here are a few benefits of working with a personal trainer and joining a class:

  1. Get personalized direction: With a personal trainer, you can get one-on-one guidance and drive to stay motivated. They will help you create an exercise regimen that is tailored just for your needs and objectives. No more wasting time with generic fitness plans - let a professional design something specific to your goals so that reaching them is easier than ever before.

  2. Establishing accountability can be an invaluable tool in staying motivated and on track, which is why enlisting the help of a personal trainer or joining a class is so beneficial. Your instructor will give you the necessary reinforcement to stick to your regimen and provide positive feedback along the way, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals.

  3. Achievement: An experienced personal trainer or instructor can be an incredible source of inspiration and perseverance to help you reach your goals. With their guidance, there's nothing stopping you from success!

  4. Expertise: An individual trainer or instructor is an invaluable resource of expertise in the fitness field. They can offer valuable direction and support as you strive to reach your objectives.

  5. Variety is the spice of life! By hiring a personal trainer or enrolling in classes, you can keep your workouts exciting and stimulating. This will help to fuel your motivation while working towards achieving those goals you've set for yourself.


Remaining inspired is a must in order to reach our aspirations and grants us several advantages. These include feelings of fulfillment, better physical health, improved mental well-being, heightened vigor, and strengthened connections with others. By staying motivated throughout the journey we can enjoy these rewards as well as foster an overall sense of wellbeing. Utilize the appropriate tools for you and keep up your consistency; plus don't forget to appreciate every victory.

Speed Power Strength in Oakland, California is beginner friendly, small group strength training, and personal training for working professionals. It’s built to nurture the type of motivating and positive environment members need. SPS shares three principles with new members:




FEEL STRONG: The right Mindset is everything as you start your journey. We help you FEEL ready to achieve your goals, and for the rewarding commitment ahead of you.

GET STRONG: It’s time to do the work. Push, pull, squat, jump, sprint. This is where you challenge yourself physically to match your new strong mindset.

BE STRONG: You are now ready for the world, inside and outside of the gym. Your new found strong mindset, and strong body, have come together as the best version of you.

If you would like to know more about options to change and improve your quality life through exercise and nutrition, please reach out to Speed Power Strength. Our professional coaches can literally change your life.


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